The Academy Awards are coming - are you ready?

The Spoiler Alert Podcast 2015 Academy Award Best Picture Nominee Episode Library

The Academy Awards are almost here - they are just a few days away.  Would you say that you feel prepared? 

While your favorite celebrities are enduring sleepless nights (all the while being treated like Kings and Queens all day and having gifts bestowed upon them whilst juggling multiple job offers at insane pay rates), you have the stress of your local office Oscar pool to contend with.  What are you going to do?  The Movie Outsiders and the Spoiler Alert Podcast are here to help.  

Throughout 2015, the Spoiler Alert Podcast featured episodes highlighting all eight Best Picture nominees.  The last film to be discussed, Brooklyn, will be featured as Episode 099 and released next week.  In the meantime, be sure to check out these past episodes to bone up for your Oscar pools, snooty film fanatic friends, or just to have fun listening to two idiots talk about movies!  Enjoy.

The Spoiler Alert Podcast also has you covered when it comes to the Best Animated Feature race this year.  There is really only one to see - and we saw it.  Check out the episode on Inside Out below.

Episode 070 - Inside Out

RANT: So....How strange is this!?

By Danny Sarnowski

The method for selecting films for The Spoiler Alert Podcast has been...less than scientific.  Random would be a fair word.  To be sure, we haven't resorted to throwing darts or drawing titles randomly from (yet).  We have bounced around a bit with the result being an eclectic assortment of movies.  There's something in there for everyone.  This week, however, some of the picks have felt....prescient.

This week we posted our episode featuring My Fair Lady.  As a reminder, we chose this movie because we have committed to watching all of the Best Picture Oscar winners and this was the randomly-chosen pick that came up next.  The movie itself is nearly 50 years old.  Neither of us have ever seen it.  While My Fair Lady has been a beloved film for decades, it has not been circulating in the public consciousness.  Or has it?  

According to an article on (read it here), there was to be a new film version produced.  It was written by Emma Thompson and was to star Carey Mulligan in the Audrey Hepburn role.  There is, however, a Broadway revival coming soon from Clive Davis.  Strange how I haven't seen or heard anything about this movie in decades and the week we post the episode - Bam!

Can you imagine Carey Mulligan under this huge hat?  Me neither.  

Can you imagine Carey Mulligan under this huge hat?  Me neither.  

If that doesn't give you goosebumps, try this.  The prior week, for Episode 014, we discussed the movie Bernie.  This independent black comedy from 2011 starred Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey and told the true-life story of admitted killer Bernie Tiede.  It was announced today that the real Bernie Tiede has been released from prison.  

So a story that resulted in a small, indie film three years ago was updated today.  One week after we chose to discuss the movie on our podcast.  It just seems like a lot of crazy coincidences.  Speaking of crazy, one of the stipulations of Bernie's parole is that he must go and live in director Richard Linklater's garage apartment.  How odd is that?!  What did Linklater do to deserve this odd form of punishment?

Anyway, doesn't this make you wonder a little bit about what movies we'll choose next?

Gaze upon the mustache of an admitted killer.

Gaze upon the mustache of an admitted killer.